Adding personal touches makes a funeral or memorial service memorable. Many options are available to personalize the services of your loved one. More and more people are choosing to display personal mementos as well as pictures. A very popular option is to have a video tribute produced. Simply provide us with the pictures and we will do the rest. All of our chapels are equipped to show videos. Visitors at the funeral enjoy seeing the life of the deceased displayed in pictures.

Funeral music is no longer just religious in nature. Many people choose to play more secular music at the funeral. Bring us your mp3 player and let us play your favorite songs at the visitation or funeral. You may even wish to have a harpist provide music for the visitation or gathering. The use of bagpipes has become very popular as well. The sound of bagpipes at the cemetery is something that both family and friends will remember for many years to come.

We are glad to help you in making your services special.


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