Cremation Options

Why the Amos Family is the right choice for your cremation services.

Since 1979, the Amos Family has operated its own crematory. We were the first funeral home in either Johnson or Wyandotte County to operate their own crematory. We invite you to inspect our facility. We also invite you to witness the cremation process if you desire.


You are assured that you will receive your loved one’s remains.

How do we achieve this?


The Amos Family and their staff adhere to a strict procedure which insures that we deliver our promise to you. All staff involved in the cremation process sign a pledge to adhere to these standards. We pledge to you that we will treat your loved one with the same respect and dignity as if we were caring for our own family member.

1.  The Amos staff answers the phones personally 24 hours a day. Our professional staff transfers your loved one into our care.

2.  Your loved one never leaves our care because we operate our own crematory. 

3.   A cremation certificate is generated and accompanies the decedent throughout the entire process.  Each step is documented by the staff involved. This insures that we maintain the proper chain of custody.

4.  The Amos staff includes nationally accredited crematory operators certified by the Cremation Association of North America.

5.  Your loved one is placed in the cremation container of your choice for identification by the next of kin or their representative.  Depending on the level of service you select, identification will take place in the chapel or in the crematory area.

6.  To insure privacy and promptness, we hand deliver the death certificate to the doctor and we contact the coroner or medical examiner.

7.  As an added security measure, the Amos Family requires that your loved one be identified by the next of kin or their representative prior to the cremation taking place.  This identification will take place at a mutually agreed time during normal business hours.

8.  The cremation chamber is thoroughly cleaned after each cremation to limit the possibility of mixing cremated remains.

  1. The urn of your choice is returned to you with an identification label, containing the name, case number and cremation number of the decedent.

The Amos Family Funeral Home offers a wide range of options for cremation services. You may choose form one of our cremation service packages or you may select a direct cremation with no services.

For answers to your specific questions, please call us at 913-631-5566.


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