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Pre-arrangement is the planning of funeral service details and selection of merchandise in advance of need.

Service details include professional and staff services, facilities, equipment and motor vehicles utilized.

Merchandise includes caskets, vaults or grave liners, monuments, urns, and other specifics to do with the direct needs of each particular family.

Why Pre-arrange?

Pre-arranging is an important step in overall estate planning, an additional means of protecting your loved ones.

By pre-arranging you will:

  • Have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved ones will be spared from having to make difficult decisions at a time of deep personal loss, a time when you are not prepared.
  • Establish a fund to help pay for expenses at the time of need.
  • Protect life insurance and additional assets for uses other than funeral expenses.
  • Select the quality of service that you feel is most appropriate for you.

What Are The Types Of Pre-arrangement?

When you pre-arrange, you have two options. You can either establish a fund to help pay the cost of the servies at the time of need.  (With an insurance policy or a bank account.) Or, you can simply have your wishes on file and leave the financial responsiblity to your family.

The funeral home does not keep your pre-arrangement money. The law in the State of Kansas requires that the pre-arranged funds be placed in a trust that meets all legislative requirements. This protects you, the consumer. For example, if a funeral home goes out of business, or if you move, your funds are safe and secure and you may have the trust assign your funds to another funeral home of your choice. This is not the case in other states such as Missouri. The laws in Missouri allow the funeral home to keep a large portion of your funds, even if you change your mind or move. Time after time, families have come to us with a pre-arrangement that they would like for us to serve. When they find out that only a small portion of the money can be transferred, they are obviously quite upset. Make sure you are dealing with a funeral home that gives you control. With The Amos Family Funeral Home, you, the consumer, are in control.

Pre-arranging the funeral service is a step most people take to ease emotional and financial pressures on themselves and their family because it just makes sense.


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