Florence Fay Biehl

Florence Fay Biehl April 08, 1930 – May 17, 2020

Florence Biehl of Lenexa Kansas died May 17, 2020 in the comfort of her home.

Florence, Flo to all her friends, was born April 8, 1930 in Burns Kansas to William Jerry Larsen and Adelia May Ireland. She had four siblings; Milt, Clyde, Ruth, and Lowell.  She graduated High School from Burns Kansas in 3 years (instead of four) and obtained a bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University.  Flo married Orval S. Biehl in 1953 spending 37 years together.  When asked about the saddest moment in her life, Flo told her son, “It was when Orval [my love, my husband] died Jan. 3, 1991.  I couldn’t stop it.  It was going to be.”  She never dated or remarried after his passing.

Flo is survived by her brother Lowell Larsen, daughter Bonnie Bohn, son Bill Biehl.  She is blessed to have a large immediate family:  Daughter Bonnie Bohn and husband Ray, Granddaughters Amber and Heather, and 5 great grandchildren from Bonnie’s side;  Son Bill Biehl and wife Cari, Granddaughters Amy, Kacie, Kayla and Grandson Shawn, including 7 great grandchildren from Bill’s side.

Flo made her living as an educator, when asked how she wanted to be remembered, “I’d like to think people learned something from me”.  And learn they did.  Flo was a teacher of Home Economics at Roosevelt junior high school in Topeka Kansas before being distinguished for 37 years of service as Home Economics Agent for Kansas State Research and Extension in Johnson County, Kansas.  Flo left a legacy of learning.  She was published in numerous newspapers, magazines, extension bulletins, etc. And was the focus of many news articles describing and reporting her work within the community. 

Flo what is your first memory? “It’s a car-load of Indians on the highway.  Their car broke down right in front of our farm.  We fed them…My Mom said it was a valid memory even though I was only 2 years old – normally you don’t have memories that early.  My brother, Clyde, was coloring a sail boat that he had drawn, and the Indians joined in coloring.” 

How wonderful and ironic is the circle of life? Flo’s last memory is her tribe of Children, Grandchildren, Nieces, Nephews, Great-Grandchildren surrounding her in her loving home as she takes the final steps of her journey.  Only, it has was her coloring with us on pictures we drew in a life filled with her love.  We will miss you and are jealous that you will be with all those you have been waiting to see.  Say Hello to your Mom, Dad, Husband, Brothers and Sister from all of us.





Flo had a wonderful idea, her celebration of her life should include a sit down meal (not sandwiches!) at her place of worship, the Merriam Christian Church.   We will make sure the celebration she wanted occurs as soon as possible.  Services at Merriam Christian Church, Merriam Kansas to be determined. Look for an announcement.



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5 Comments on “Florence Fay Biehl”

  1. Elizabeth M Bornman Says:

    Flo will be remembered for the contributions she made as a retired Federal service employee. She was a active member of local KS National Active and Retired Federal Employees Assoc, Chapter 1162. She held numberous officer positions doing her time as a member. I know she will be missed by her friends who met on Tuesdays at Mr. “D”s Donuts.
    I will look forward to her celebration Day.

  2. Don Faidley Says:

    Dear Family, We will miss Flo as a member of Chapter 1162 NARFE and you will be in our thoughts and prayers . We have many good memories of the times we were working together.

  3. Margaret Phillips Says:

    Flo’s obituary sounds just like her talking so I suspect she had some input. As an extension professional I knew Flo for many years. She ALWAYS had nice things to say about everyone. I never heard an unkind word from her. She was so positive and consequently a very positive role model for many of us.
    Flo, you are already missed, but I couldn’t help but smile as your sense of humor was so much a part of your life. Keep smiling and telling stories, especially about your family.

  4. Diane Nielson Says:

    I am so lucky I got to color with Flo many times over my extension career. Flo had a talent to bring joy to the room and discover hidden talent in all. Over the years, Flo lovingly shared stories of her family. Today, the world is a little better place thanks to Flo’s sharing. She will be missed here but heaven must be rejoicing when Flo joined the angels-and knowing Flo she is probably teaching them to stitch on their wings using an easier method and praising every stitch!

  5. Rick Miller Says:

    As one of Flo’s co-workers at the Johnson County Extension Office I have some great memories of Flo. I immediately think of her desk piled about a foot deep in magazines, mail and Extension publications. She was always reading. And of course fabric and sewing supplies were everywhere. She loved to sew and work with both kids and adults teaching them the skill. Every year all extension staff across the state would attend an Annual Extension Conference on campus at K-State. It seamed like every year she would say it was the best conference. She loved to learn. I’m grateful for her smile and friendship.

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