Eldon Wayne Conyne

Eldon Wayne Conyne, 86, Overland Park, KS passed away Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019 at his home. Eldon was born Aug. 5, 1932 in Los Angeles, CA to Charles E. and M. Nadean (Bass) Conyne.

Eldon was a speech and English teacher at Broadmoor Jr. High School for 30 years and later taught at Shawnee Mission South High School, retiring in 1994. He was a veteran of the US Marine Corp during the Korean Conflict, serving two tours of duty.

Eldon was a member of the Abdallah Temple and the Overland Park Rotary Club where he received the Paul Harris Fellowship Honor. Eldon was an active volunteer for over 20 years at St. Joseph Medical Center.

Eldon is survived by his three children, Lee Everett Conyne, Eldona Elyse Crounse, both of Palm Springs, CA, and Rod Conyne, Sharpsburg, GA; three grandchildren, Shelby, Trevor and Skye; and one great grandson, Garrett. Cremation. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to your favorite charity.

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26 Comments on “Eldon Wayne Conyne”

  1. Fred and Jeanne Brown Says:

    Eldon will be deeply missed. The very best neighbor anyone could have and a great friend. Rest In Peace Eldon.

  2. Jerry Uppman Says:

    Eldon was a friend and fellow Banjo player. We both liked the same type of music. I will miss seeing him at concerts. Deepest sympathy to the family.

  3. Kris Johnson Says:

    Eldon was a neighbor in De Soto and a member of the De Soto Rotary Club prior to his move to Overland Park. Eldon was always friendly and waved at everyone during his walk around the neighborhood. He was a kind man.

  4. Kristy Fencyk Says:

    I am so sorry to hear about my friend, Eldon. He was a delightful man with such a cheerful and positive attitude. I always waited on him when he came to the library and he always brightened my day.
    My condolences to his family. I know he will be missed by many.

  5. Candice Quillin Says:

    Eldon was a dear friend who lit up my life. He was a dear friend whom listened, mentored and encouraged me to grow. We enjoyed a lot of laughs, serious conversations and loved each others company. His sense of humor will always be remembered, and will give me a smile whenever I think of him. He lived life to it’s fullest. Rod, you were a blessing to him. Condolences.

  6. Mandi Rudd Says:

    I loved Mr. Conyne, as did my entire family. I was a student in his speech class at Broadmoor. To this day, I still think of him banging the coffee can if I accidentally say “um”. When he took on the Principal role, he was so helpful to so many. My memories of him will always be a kind & compassionate man with a twinkle in his eye. My sincere condolences to his family & friends.

  7. Morton family Says:

    Mr. Conyne was an example of the kind of person who should go into the teaching profession. He was a favorite of our son Mark while he attended SM South HS. The world was a better place because of his compassion and caring of his students.

  8. Bruce D. Mayfield Says:

    Eldon Conyne was a teacher of life who’s impact will resonate for generations. While he may have been my 7th grade speech teacher (and my top signer at Abdallah Shrine Temple 35 years ago) he was really a hero’s mentor as an instant friend to anyone who needed confidence, anyone who needed a positive outlook and anyone who needed a healthy dose of gratitude. My friend Eldon will be greatly missed.

  9. Lou Huth Says:

    Eldon was a bridge buddy of mine,and I Really enjoyed playing with him.I loved his humor.He was a good soul and he will be missed by the Wed.am bridge group at Matt Ross.May he rest in peace And my sympathy to his family.

  10. Rod Conyne Says:

    Thank you Mandi. I was wondering how I would get word to you and Paul. My father spoke very highly of you both. In fact, throughout his 30 year tenure as an educator, he never forgot the name of one single student.

  11. Nuncie Mantia Says:

    I was fortunate to know Eldon only for a few years playing bridge every Wednesday morning at Matt Ross Community Center. What a super person and good bridge player. He always brought humor to the bridge table. I will miss him.

  12. Stasha (White) Case Says:

    Eldon was a my Speech I and II teacher and was a an avid supporter of the arts. He came to many of my performances even in the last couple of years with his lovely lady friend. I was always so happy to see them. They always had smiles and hugs for me and he definitely still had that twinkle in his eye that made him look like he was up to something. I will miss him very much.

  13. Michele Turner Says:

    Mr. Conyne was one of my favorite teachers and made a lasting impact on my life. Reading his obituary, I realized I knew most of his history because he was always so open with his students. If he had a bad day, he never let it show. His genuine kindness, sense of humor, and love for teaching were such an interesting part of him. And to this day, an abundance of audible pauses makes me come out of my skin. I hope someone has and cherishes his Um Bucket.

  14. nancy Blackmer Says:

    I will miss our phone conversations, we always laughed
    alot. you had a great sense of humor.

  15. Molly Armstrong Skelsey Says:

    Mr. Conyne was a gifted teacher who influenced so many students. I still talk about the coffee can and the one notecard we were allowed for our speeches. I think I speak for so many in that we were incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to know him.

  16. Michael Filardi Says:

    I was fortunate enough to have been one of Mr. Conyne’s students at Broadmoor. During one of his classes he told us a story about his Service in Korea. This story stayed with me for most of my life. Eight years ago I ran into Mr. Conyne while delivering mail. We spoke about how sometimes life had a way of taking you where you are destined to be. It was later that day that I started the long journey to becoming a teacher. This last August I was able to start working as Teacher. I’ d like to think that somehow he knew I needed to learn one more lesson from him. Please accept my sincerest condolences. He was a good man and a great teacher.

  17. Erin Stone Kling Says:

    I owe a lot to Mr. Conyne. He saw a very timid student with low self-esteem and helped me gain confidence. Mr. Conyne, thank you for all you did for me. I will always be grateful.

  18. An Zebley Says:

    I had the fortune of having Mr. Conyne for Speech at SM South. The two most important lessons he taught me were 1) to eliminate “um” to avoid hearing the clang of the coffee can and 2) if you want to make a good impression on a prospective employer/buyer, always be nice to the receptionist, for she’s the gatekeeper. May his memory be a blessing.

  19. Eric Kimminau Says:

    You can’t roller skate in a Buffalo herd.
    Just one of the many unforgettable things he instilled through 3 years of speech at Broadmoor, winning the Optimist speech contest and elimination of all fear speaking in public. I didn’t know he was a Freemason. Mr. Conyne changed my life. Thoughts and prayers to his family. It is your lot, my brother, to hear from him who sitteth there as judge Supreme. “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!”

  20. Gayle Price Says:

    Mr. Conyne was a major influence in my life. I remember his love for “um” and because of him I find myself counting the number of times I hear it! I remember eighth hour the joy of scrubbing desk and floors in the room. I did my demonstration speech of just that! He brought out the best in every quiet shy child. My condolences. He was an inspirational teacher!

  21. Gayle Price Says:

    Mr. Conyne was my speech teacher at Broadmoor Jr. High. I remember well his distain for “um” and find myself counting “um” when listening to others. I also remember scrubbing floors and desk for eighth hour. I did on of my demonstration speech on just that topic. Mr. Conyne had the ability to bring this shy quiet lady out of her shell. Please accept my sincerest condolences. He was an inspirational teacher.

  22. Rachael (Nielsen) Adams Says:

    As many others have said, Mr. Conyne was also my 7th & 8th grade speech teacher at Broadmoor Jr. High. I have fond memories of him and his class. The well remembered “um” can, the way he inspired his students to strive for excellence, and how he didn’t give up on anyone are among them. I was quiet and shy, but grew much during my time in Mr. Conyne’s classes, and those lessons have benefited me throughout my life. What a difference he made in so many of us when were at that awkward stage of life. My condolences to his family and friends.

  23. Kevin McCracken Says:

    I have very fond memories of Mr. Conyne. I was a shy kid and petrified of taking his class. I missed a speech and he asked me to enter a contest to make it up. Again, petrified. It was a bitter pill, but good for me. I recited a poem (from memory) which I performed in his 8th-grade speech class last night before bed. I hope it blessed him. He was someone who changed my life for the better. He is and will always be a wonderful man!

  24. George Darrington Says:

    Few teachers are remembered for most of your life but
    Mr. Conyne was one of those for me. I went to hear a politician speak during the elections and all I thought of was his “um” can and thinking Mr. Conyne would be having a hay day banging on the can…my sincere condolences to his family. He was a man that changed many,many lives for the better.

  25. Marianne Welytok-Chisam Says:

    My mother, Janice Welytok, was so sad to lose her very dear friend and companion with the passing of Eldon. She will always remember the over 20 years of travels, theater, movie dates, dancing, and events that she and Eldon shared. My family will miss Eldon and his sparkling personality! He shared holidays and family events with us through these years and we considered him one of the family! Eldon would call my mom at precisely 9pm every night for years, and discuss the details of his day, who he saw when he was volunteering at the hospital G.I. lab, the neighbors he said hello to, how he played at bridge that morning, what he had for lunch and on. And now that Eldon is gone, my mom somehow gets a random telemarketing call right at 9pm! We all miss you Eldon!

  26. bridget miller Says:

    I was at Shawnee Mission South. I was bullied. I prayed nightly to work die or get sick so I wouldn’t have to deal with more. Though the grace of God, my locker was right next to his room. He saw my pain and through that year, he built me up. He saved me. No person effected me than Mr. Conyne. What a gift from God he was. I looked for him for years and couldn’t ever locate him. No one was like him. No one. May his soul and all the should of the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace.

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