Sarah Beth Marquez

Sarah Beth Marquez, 28, Overland Park, Kansas, passed away Thursday, December 25, 2008 at the Shawnee Mission Medical Center, Merriam, Kansas.  


Sarah was born June 25, 1980 in Overland Park, Kansas.  She had been  an administrative assistant with Consolidated Forensics and currently was employed by Pinnacle College.


She is survived by her daughter, Adrienne Marquez; two sons, Jacob Marquez and Lucas Mora; mother and step-father, Jamie and Craig Moncrief, Kansas City, Missouri; grandparents, Jack and Margaret Grotewohl, Lawrence, Kansas; three sisters, Alison Joens, Alexandra Arnold both of Kansas City, Missouri and Jett Adkins, Prairie Village, Kansas and brother Daniel Joens and his wife, Catherine, Shawnee, Kansas.


Visitation and Funeral Service


A Rosary recitation will begin at 10:30 am, Monday, December 29 with a Funeral Mass following at 11:00 a.m. at the St. Pius X Catholic Church, Mission, Kansas. The family will receive friends from 12-2:00 p.m. Monday at the church.

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28 Comments on “Sarah Beth Marquez”

  1. Crystal and Kirstin Says:

    I don’t even know how to express my sympathy to all of the family. To loose someone so young and such a good spirit is such a tragedy. I only knew Sarah from Kirstin and Adrienne being friends but she was always so kind to my daughter. Our hearts go out to all of the family especially the children.
    All our Love
    Crystal and Kirstin

  2. Michael A. Schlatman Says:

    Dearest Sarah,

    I am writing you this even though I know that you died on Christmas day. I believe that our Heavenly Father will allow you to see this message. I just want to share a little bit with you about your impact on me and others.

    Oh what a warm and bright light your soul is. Your spirit glowed within you and spread outward to us through your beauty, sensitivity, smile and wonderful sense of humor. Your light hearted manner made it enjoyable to be with you. When you were sad you shared your feelings and we benefited from your sharing with us.

    What a tragedy it is for a parent to lose a child and young children to lose their mother. It rends the heart to think of it. It will be up to us to keep you alive in our memories and stories to your children and each other. As long as we live you will never be completely gone from us.

    We who loved you will mourn your passing as we will not be able to share things with you again. You were so young to have left us. We know that you did not want to leave your children, family, loved ones and our extended family. Circumstances that we can never understand sometimes takes wonderful souls from our lives. The cloistered Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (the “Pink Sisters” in St. Louis) were praying for you and your family at the time of your death. They continue to do so now.

    At first thought, it seemed unbearable that your loved ones would have the association of Christmas Day and your death forever linked. However, upon reflection, it is fitting that Our Lord on the anniversary of sending his only child to earth to save us, saw you struggle and as a gift took you to heaven with him. It is an affirmation of faith that He took your great soul into heaven to add to its beauty.

    So, on each following holiday season, we can on a cold night look up to the heavens and see one more bright star and feel the warmth your soul has left with us.

    Until we meet again dear heart, I remain, your friend forever,
    Michael Schlatman

  3. Charlie and Mary Martin Says:

    Jett and Alex,

    Our prayers are with you both and your sister Sarah. We share your grief and assure you of our love and support during this time. God bless you both and may Our Lady wrap you tightly in her loving arms.

    Charlie and Mary

  4. Morgan Slavens Says:

    I was friends with Sarah and she use to work with me. I hadn’t seen her in almost a year though. My heart goes out to your family and her children. I have been praying for the best outcome. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless!!

  5. Portia Richardson Says:

    Sarah will forever be my playmate on Christmas Eve at Gram and Grandpa’s house; shaking presents and trying to guess what’s inside, playing hide-n-seek in the back yard, and lots and lots of giggling.

    She was a beautiful person. I am blessed to have these memories.


  6. Hannah Rever Says:

    I was sarahs neighbor.
    i have not even known her for a whole year.
    I used to babysit adrienne and jacob and lucas.
    they where a fun family.
    I just want to let sarah know how much she will be missed and how much she is loved. Its sad seeing her gone. but i know she will protect us.

  7. Brenda Perrenoud Says:

    I just wanted to let you know i’m screaming inside 24-7 and miss you more than I can explain to anyone sista!
    I’ll talk to you tonight, and hello-waiting for a responce please, anytime now. LOVE YOU ALWAY!

  8. chris duvall Says:

    sarah i miss u and the last time we saw each other was at unos on the plaza with the kids i will miss your bright smile and your loviness towards family your duvall clan misses you very much gods speed and love rest in peace our little one keep watch over us we miss you love uncle chris and aunt april duvall

  9. crystal call Says:

    I miss you so much. I try to comfort Adrienne a lot. I love Adrienne and you Sarah. I love Adrienne like a sister. And you Sarah your like another mom. I pray that your watching over me.

  10. Ashley Gargus Says:

    hey sarah!
    ive thought about you alot lately. I miss you girlie!!! i got a tattoo for you a few months ago!! its by far my favorite!! i cant wait to see you again. i love you and miss you so much!

  11. Mom Says:

    My Sweet Sarah, Words cannot even begin to express how much I miss you. My heart is so broken. I miss our phone calls everyday, our bargain shopping excursions and our time just hanging out with the kids. I pray every night for strength but the strong woman you once told me I was seems to have vanished and I don’t know if she’s ever coming back. I love you so much and miss your smile and laughter. You were such a bright and ever present part of my life.
    Love you forever,

  12. Mom Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, my sweet daughter. It doesn’t feel right to have this day without all of my children here on this earth but I know that you are around, not only me, but Adrienne, Jacob and Lucas. We are sending a balloon up to you today…….know that we love you forever.

  13. Mom Says:

    Happy 30th Birthday, my beautiful daughter. I know we would have all been celebrating together. I continue to miss you every second of every day, but I keep hanging on, as I know you would want.

    I love you forever,

  14. Mom Says:

    My Sarah,
    Yesterday marked 22 months since you’ve been gone. It seems like yesterday. Is is so hard to imagine that it has been that long since I’ve seen you or touched you. The further along time goes the harder it gets. This time of year seems even more excruciating than the everyday pain that I feel. You so loved the nice, cool weather and these months leading up to your leaving seem unbearable. I have a picture on Facebook of you and Lucas at Adrienne’s Halloween parade. That is the last picture I took of you and you were so happy and full of life. Memories of shopping at Hyvee in preparation for our Thanksgiving dinner and our plans for Christmas Day seem so ever present in my mind. I wish you were here.


  15. Mom Says:

    My Sarah,
    It’s hard to believe that in just a few days it will have been 2 yrs. since you left. It sounds so long ago but is as fresh as yesterday. You are in my heart and mind every second of every day. The 25th, you will be receiving prayers from other parents whose children are no longer on this earth. Hear them and know that you are always loved and missed.
    I love you,

  16. Mom Says:

    My Sarah,
    Today is Valentines Day. My heart is broken but my love for you is soaring. Your babies will be together with us and they will be sending their love up to you. Feel it and know that you are and will always be loved and cherished.

    I love you,

  17. Mom Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, my Sarah…..tried to post this on Sunday but it wouldn’t go through. I took Adrienne to buy flowers for you. I know it was hard for her but we spent the rest of the day with the other kids. I miss you so very much, we all do. <3 <3 xxoo

    Love you forever,

  18. Mom Says:

    My Daughter,
    It’s been some time since I’ve left a message. This time of year is extra hard but I want you to know that you are in my heart every single day. I love you forever and miss you more than you will ever know.
    I love you Sarah,

  19. Mom Says:

    My Sweet Sarah,

    Three years ago today, you were taken from us. You are in my heart, my soul, and not a second goes by that I don’t think of you and look forward to the day, when I will see you again. Oh, how I miss you! Merry Heavenly Christmas, my angel.

    Love, Mom

  20. Madison Says:

    I miss you so much. I look back at the memories I got the pleasure to share with you very often, though the years pass by, you’re still fresh in my mind. Thank you for helping me become the person I am today, though I wish you could have stayed in my life longer. I’m not friends with Alex anymore but that’s life’s course. I hope your beautiful kiddo’s and the rest of your family is doing alright. I do believe that you watch over all of us. Sometimes It’s still hard to bear that you’re gone, and I keep losing everyone else around me. Sometimes the good times don’t feel like they should & neutral/living seems like a more permanent state that I’m stuck in & I don’t know how to go further. I’ve got to keep it moving though, I know one day it’ll be my time to see you again & I’m patiently awaiting it so when I do, you’ll be proud. I refuse to give up and leave here a coward too early by my own fault, in a situation where I had a choice. I will try & already living through so much that should have me in the ground I’m taking advantage of being on this earth; in my world it seems like a miracle. I miss how it used to be when I was 13, the age of when you were in my life last. I still use the advice you gave me at that age, today. I wish we could just sit and talk so I could fill you in on everything that’s happened over the years. I feel like you already know, though.
    I love you Sarah, miss your smile & your reassurance. Take care of all of the rest of my loves up there in heaven with you. Show them the way back home..

  21. Mom Says:

    Sarah, my heart is breaking, for you, your children and I don’t know what to do. I planned on wishing you a Happy Mothers Day but some how, things are being overshadowed by that. We have your sweet Jacob tonight and things that he is saying are truly upsetting, I can see that he is in so much pain. He misses you so much and his life seems miserable. The spunky little boy that you knew is no longer and the pain in his eyes is obvious. He misses your smile as we do and I don’t know if it is going to come back unless there are drastic changes which I want to happen for him but may not be feasible. The pain that your children have endured, and the rest of us has been brutal but they are most important. Please guide me….I love you forever, Mom

  22. Mom Says:

    Happy Birthday, Sarah…..It is so hard to believe that you would be 32 and that you left exactly three and a half years ago today. I still can’t believe that you are gone. We all miss you so much and the pain never ceases. I try so hard to celebrate the years that I had you in my life instead of allowing myself to feel the loss, as I know, that is what you want. I love you now and forever….Mom

  23. chris duvall Says:

    to sarahs mom and family if u read this jama its chris davids brother mom and i moved to mccomb mississippi we are ok moms health is bad she has alzheimers and we miss u more think u were always like a sister to me and i wish u still where we miss sarah each and every day i have pictures of her in my apt everywhere i just wish u could open your heart to us again and not hate us please call me 816 289 7827 please lets be a family again thats what sarah would of wanted

  24. chris duvall Says:

    to my beautiful wonderful niece i miss u every day and cant help but cry every day without u and talking to u mom and i miss u we are in mccomb mississippi now and we are ok we now u are watching over us and we are trying to carry on dannys down here with us and hes happy with his fiance jenny shes our rock she took over where u stopped we hope and pray to be with u once again in gods loving arms its just not the same without u we love u sarah beth marquez duvall u would of been 32 wow im 43 mom will be 80 next year dads will be 82 dannys 52 we love u

  25. Mom Says:

    Today it will have been 4 years since you left. I love and miss you so much, my beautiful daughter. I have been thinking about Christmas in the past…before you were gone. The good times we all had as a family and wish that we could have them again. I know in my heart that you are with us all today. Craig and I sent a balloon to you today and released it over the ocean watching it make its way until we could no longer see it. It brought me a moment of joy and peace. Merry Christmas, my sweet Sarah…..I love you forever. Mom

  26. Mom Says:

    Happy Mothers Day, to my beautiful daughter. I miss you so much and wish you here on this day, not only for me, but Adrienne, Jacob and Lucas. I know that you are with us all in spirit and I am sending my love up to you.
    I love you forever,

  27. Mom Says:

    Merry heavenly Christmas my precious daughter. I miss you so much but know that you are close. I hope you feel the love from all of us on this day. I love you Sarah….always and forever. Mom

  28. Mom Says:

    Merry Christmas, my beautiful and sadly missed daughter. Just when I think that life is becoming more bearable, I am forced to realize the true reality of life without you here. I love you so much, Mom

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